My name is Alix Tate, I’m currently 26, originally from Chicago, IL. I traveled around the world for four years minimalistically and using life hacks (like couchsurfing, hitchhiking, volunteering) to survive on about $3,000 a year going to places such as Australia, Africa, India etc. Living so cheaply allowed me to work only a few months a year, and focus much more attention on educating myself and developing craft skills or hobbies. This last year I bought a cheap old RV in the US and used the extra comfort and space to focus on writing and detailed research.

Some history, I was a Fire fighter from 16 until 20. During that time I began performing music, and creating art, hobbies which initiated my doubt of whether I wanted a full time career, even if it was one as awesome as  fire fighting. At the time same as finding my creative side, and being a fire man, I worked at a bank 30 hours a week to pay my way through community college where I fell in love with Philosophy. Eventually I took the first step in questioning my career and asked my Fire Chief if I could take a leave of absence to travel. He was supportive, and excited for my adventure and gave me three months.  I traveled to Norway with plans to see more of Western Europe and instead stayed in Norway three months. Then, came back and told my chief I was done and had decided to continue travelling. I continued around the USA, protested and Occupied, went to South America, motorcycled the Himalayas of India, sailed from Miami through the Panama Canal, stopped in Galapagos and then went across the Pacific ocean over four months, became a public speaker for volunteering in Australia and then Africa. I purposefully encountered and participated in every religion I could along the way, from Shamanism, to Baha’i and everything in between.  I have been an avid reader for nearly a decade, devouring libraries while everyone else was partying, then of course when I finished reading, I’d go join the party. If anything I prefer “to do”, act and participate, and only find myself glued behind a book digging for truth in this seemingly insane world or a screen typing out of hopes a few people will read my words and be encouraged by them enough to get up and find their own freedom.

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