The rest of 2014, and starting 2015 in Germany

Hey so it has been a while since I made a post about what I have been up to. Mostly I have been making posts about ideas and thoughts I was having. Most of what I was doing during the second half of 2014, after Africa, was writing, reading and thinking, but I did go on a few adventures. During the beginning of the summer I lived in Fairfield, Iowa for a month or so. Fairfield is a super chill town where the Maharashi meditation school is, small and friendly it is a wonderful place to stay.

After that I went to the Rainbow Gathering, which was held in Unita Forest near Salt Lake City, Utah this year. At the gathering I ran into a friend from Occupy Chicago who invited me to join in her and her cousins VW van, we went through Idaho, and up into Oregan over a few weeks. Once we were in Oregan I was contacted by a friend from highschool who happened to be in Seattle and ready to drive to Montana’s glacier national park, camp deep woods then drive the rest of the way back to Chicago. Of coarse I took the next ride I could find to Seattle to join him. We had a great time driving, camping and not getting eaten by bears.

Once I was back in Chicago I hopped in with my family on a vacation to Costa Rica. I went a week early to visit friends I hadnt seen since I stayed in Costa Rica a few years back. After the vacation I hung around Batavia for a few weeks before suddenly deciding to fly to India to inquire into a love interest, and curious about the state of the religious mindset in India. I didnt stay long because I was tight on cash and flew back to work.I worked for three months, the last month at a German Christmas market, whom the owners of invited me to come help at their New Years Eve party. Christmas passed and next thing I knew I was on a plane to Berlin.

I guess it seems like I have been doing a lot more than just reading and writing, but really that has been my main focus, all this travelling stuff has been my relaxation time if anything. Though Im far from completing the ideas I desire to write, the process has been somewhat sucessful, not only in generating material, but also winning a writing competition for a Sociology & Political Conference in honor of Hannah Arendt named The Unmaking of Americans, and attended by some radical minds. Here is a ted talk about fixing our broken legal system, from one of the speakers. Here is one by Lawrence Lessig, whose ted talk about how our legal system is choking creativity went viral. George Packer, who wrote the number one selling left wing book of 2014, and Charles Murray who wrote the top selling right wing book of 2014 were the first to debate. Though radically different minds in how to solve the problem, it was fascinating to see them agree so readily on what the problems were.

These are just a few of the amazing discussants at this conference, and here is the article I wrote. Basically, what I’m trying to bring notice to but use big fancy philosophy words is our need for community, and public (political) action together to make decisions important to us. I connect this to the word ekklesia which was the greek word for assembly  and a word which Jesus used often when telling people to go start churches. I imply the possibility that Jesus was really trying to start a political rebellion against Rome by inspiring these ekklesia assemblies. And perhaps, when Jesus died the Romans turned the word Ekklesia from assembly to Church based on the word Lord, or master and made Jesus’ revolution into a way to control the people. Ultimately, if all the churches in the world realized their political roots to make democratic assemblies together, and utilize shared cooperative local businesses, a sort of religious revolution could do great things for the world.

Now to Germany and 2015

First thing I did after arriving in Beriln was go to the state of Turingia for the New Years Eve Party. Two other friends from the market Maria and Tina who live in Germany came to work as well. We spent most of the day preparing and designing these amazing dishes you will see below. Claudia used to own a catering company in New York and is a master chef. The other pictures are of the restaurant, house, and banquet hall they live and work in.

20141223_094846 20141231_183721 20141231_183736 20141231_183740 20141231_183749 20141231_183759 20141231_195222 20141231_195228 20141231_195235 20141231_195240 20141231_200605

For some reason the main pictures of the food at the very end are missing, so I will have to get them from someone else who was there….

After the New Years Party I went up to the Baltic sea with Maria to visit her sister and her boyfriends family who were going to jump in the Sea for a sort of Polar Plunge. This is the city of Rostock where we were.
20150104_145506 20150104_145446 20150104_145528 20150104_150034 20150104_150046 20150104_150342 20150104_150506

These are pictures from Berlin, new and old buildings, War memorial, an Elevator that goes inside of an aquarium and the Brandenburg gate which was one of the closed entrances to the city by the Berlin Wall. It is so crazy to see such old buildings, because in the US we dont have anything quite so old. Berlin is full of culture and history.

At some point we helped out at a homeless shelter that was overcrowded because of all the refugees from Syria.

IMG_20150108_145134 IMG_20150108_145534 IMG_20150108_150817 IMG_20150108_151540 IMG_20150108_152027 IMG_20150108_152036 IMG_20150108_152135 IMG_20150108_152533 IMG_20150108_152539 IMG_20150108_152641 IMG_20150108_152751 IMG_20150108_153334 IMG_20150108_153540 IMG_20150108_154151 IMG_20150108_154649 IMG_20150108_154734 IMG_20150108_160739 IMG_20150108_155415 IMG_20150108_155141 IMG_20150108_155119 IMG_20150108_154951

The last trip we made was to Maria’s moms village, where one of the oldest medival walls still stand. We drank coffee, played cards and climbed to the top of this tower to get a view of the surrounding landscape. It was a fun and relaxing stay. IMG_20150110_131154 IMG_20150111_121229 IMG_20150111_121714 IMG_20150111_121718 IMG_20150111_121724 IMG_20150111_132207 IMG_20150111_132211 IMG_20150111_132215 IMG_20150112_123828 IMG_20150112_124303

Now we are back in Berlin deciding what to do next, thanks for reading!


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