Before India

When I came back from South America I was still very confused. When I had first flew into Ecuador I had been reading the Bhagavad Gita, but lost it within a week at a hostel. The book had really inspired me and I continued reading it when I got home. I ended up getting into Yoga and Meditation. Every minute I wasn’t working to save for India, teaching myself Hindi and reading the sacred texts I was in my parents basement doing hours and hours of yoga and meditation. I was hooked on meditation and yoga like a drug, spending upwards to six hours a day practicing various techniques I found on the internet. I kept thinking that I needed a teacher to show me the next step, that there was something more. We will see in the story of India what I realized. The funniest thing is that I found my Guru just one month before in my home town. He opened a yoga center and gave me basically free classes for a month to prepare me. I never met a man in India who treated me with so much respect and inspired me more than this Guru ji.


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