First Day

Just got settled in my hostel in New Dehli. Everything is so much more laid back than south america, I thought it would be more intense. I made great friends with the guy sitting next to me on the plane. I might stay with him in Punjab and play a form of tag where there is 8 people on each team but the goal is to force the person who is “it” across a middle line. I don’t completely understand but they have leagues and teams for it. Nothing smells, but they did crop dust us with air fresheners before we took off. Indian toilets are weird but it really makes sense. How many people feel like they need to shower after they poop, well I don’t I’m so fresh and so clean clean. Going to get diner with a supervisor from the airport, who I met taking the bus. Wish me luck getting to Varanasi, the train ticket is 3x more because of the Kumbh Mela!


Before India:

When I came back from South America I was very confused about life. In Ecuador I was reading the Bhagavad Gita, but lost it within a week at a hostel. The book had really inspired me so I got another copy and continued reading it when I got home. I got deep into Yoga and Meditation. Every minute I wasn’t working to save for India, teaching myself Hindi and reading the sacred texts I was alone in my parent’s basement doing hours and hours ascetic service. I was hooked on meditation and yoga like a drug, spending upwards to six hours a day practicing various techniques I found on the internet. I kept thinking that I needed a teacher to show me the next step, that there was something more. I thought I would find that in India.


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